Play & Download kasak muhammad vakil mp3 song album MP3

13.01 MB
515 kbps
1 - Ek Kasak Dil Ki Dil Main Chubhi Reh Gayee ( Shee Zee ) OST *Ek Kasar Reh Gayee*

2.68 MB
358 kbps
2 - Ek kasak dil ki dil mein chubhi reh gayee - Runa Rizvi

31.46 MB
160 kbps
3 - SONU NIGAM Ek ShehenShah Ne Banwa Ke Haseen Taj Mahal Mohd Rafi - YouTube.flv

20.54 MB
128 kbps
4 - Mohd. Vakil & Sadhana Sargam's Romantic Song - Woh Pehli Nazar from Pehli Nazar

17.14 MB
120 kbps
5 - ek kasak dil ki dil mai chupi reh gae.. by SamSaadi

1.65 MB
524 kbps
6 - Kesariya Balam - Mohd. Vakil @ Junoon Saat Suron Ki

15.64 MB
512 kbps
7 - Mohd.Vakil Live.wmv

16.92 MB
128 kbps
8 - Khuda Kare Wo Mera Naseeb Ho Jaaye with sad poetry

32.3 MB
183 kbps
9 - 'Tera Khayaal' - Ghazal by Mohd. Vakil

7.14 MB
125 kbps
10 - Deewaren utha na to har yug ki siyasat hai...sung by Mohd Vakil

27.14 MB
120 kbps
11 - Tum bin Khwaja mera kaun khewaiya - Mohammed Vakil

26.59 MB
320 kbps
12 - Meri Jaanam || HINDI GHAZAL - Mohammad Vakil || Tera Khayal

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